Gameception: Gem Collector – A Minecraft Game (kind of)

Minecraft is a fun game. I play it often. However two fellow Minecraft players took it a step further and created a game inside of Minecraft. They call it Gem Collector. It is a fairly basic game but when making it completely of redstone it becomes very complicated. In the game you must guide your block to collect all of the gems and make it to the end. The catch is your block will continue to move in a specific direction until you tell it to change direction, and if you hit a wall then you loss a life. What I found cool with this game is it looks like an old NES game. It is controlled by a NES controller made out of Minecraft blocks and has a screen with 256 pixels. There is also a side display that shows you what gems you have collected and how much life you have left. It is obvious that this game took a lot of time and skill to create it and to that I thank you Rezz and Psycho_ewt (a.k.a. the creators of this amazing map). If you don’t believe me then download it for yourself here, or read more about it about it here. Also check out the video below if you don’t have time to play the map. Have a nice day.

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COD Modern Warfare 3 – I’m Disappointed

It’s not that it’s a bad game, I like it. However the reason that I am disappointed in it is that it’s exactly the same as MW2. It has new maps but the nearly the same weapons, same campaign storyline, about the same kill streaks, and many more similarities. Spec-ops missions are are the same and the only fun unique thing is survival. At best, I’d call it Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.5.

I will still play it, as I loved MW2, however if you are skeptical of buying it and already have MW2 I’d recommend saving your money for something else. MW2 has a great and still active multiplayer. The only reason why I’d recommend someone to buy MW3 is for its survival mode. The survival mode on MW3 is amazing, addicting, and so much more. Survival mode itself, although, is not worth the $60 you pay for the game so unless you really want to play this new mode, just stick to MW2. Happy gaming.

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